Jeremy Whetstone

Jeremy was raised in the corn country of Northern Indiana where detasseling is everyone’s first job, and if basketball and football aren’t your first and second words you must be from “one of those families.” Music and performance should have been a large part of his life, during his early childhood he took an aptitude test and was told he would be a wonderful performer or dancer. He was quickly informed by the boys in the class that was a sissy occupation and driving a tank was the way to go. Unfortunately for the U.S. Military he was from “one of those families” and never learned how to become an expert tank operator.


Jeremy was not inspired to follow the aptitude tests suggestion until much later in life, when he found that he rather enjoyed playing classical guitar during a class in college. This was his first experience with notation and rhythm. Being a late comer to the music scene he felt awkward around the already well trained and talented people around him and still hid from his passion until it was awakened at the end of his second year in college. He was able to study abroad with Antioch University in Bamako Mali under the tutelage of Zani Diabate and his son Papis Diabate, both extraordinary guitar virtuosos. He has been pursuing music ever since.

Jeremy seeks out positive stories to share with the world on Anywhere The Needle Drops and is one half of the duo behind the Anywhere The Needle Drops podcast theme music.

Photo by Katie Whetstone