Eddie Muñoz

Eddie is in his mid-30s and has re-written this bio at least five times. He has an amazing eight year-old daughter who is an orange belt in karate. She is the best thing he has done in his life. He lives and grew up in Lawrence, KS, and except a three year stint in Bloomington, IN, has lived there his entire life. Once his daughter is off to college, he and his fiancee Michelle plan to relocate to southern California where the weather is always nice and the politics line up more with their beliefs.


When he’s not working at the University of Kansas, he is spending time with is daughter, watching television or movies, playing video games, and/or watching sports. He has music playing pretty much wherever he goes. In the spring, summer, and fall he plays kickball on at least one kickball team, often in two different leagues..


If you asked him for his all-time favorite movie, television show, video game, and band he would tell you Fight Club, How I Met Your Mother, either the GTA series, Assassain’s Creed series, or Madden Football series, and a tie between Goldfinger and Third Eye Blind. He would be willing to discuss these and all of the caveats that go with them at length over a beer, preferably a Guinness, Stella, or if he’s buying, a PBR.