Billy “Stix” Nicks

I’m saddened to wake to the news of the death of Billy “Stix” Nicks. He was more than just a talented musician. He was humble in spite of an amazing history in music, rubbing elbows with legends and making magic on a drum kit. He was gracious and kind. Years ago, he once invited me to his studio…this was before I was doing interviews…I don’t recall the reason given for the invite…I think it was just to hang out. And that’s what we did, sitting in front of a small television, watching old episodes of The Lone Ranger, talking about where he’s been and what he’s learned, just because I was a guy who liked to talk to him when he played The Woodfire in Dowagiac. He was an awesome individual, a treasure of local music, culture, and community, and he will be missed.