Why I Need To Stop Looking At Facebook

Facebook Status

Social media.

It’s a term that wasn’t a term widely used until everyone and their mother, literally, joined the infamous Facebook.

Now it’s in your face constantly.

On your computer.

On your phone.

In the texts you get from friends saying, “Did you see the thing that so and so posted on Facebook yesterday?”

It’s exhausting.

And I’m so tired.

I didn’t realize how much I looked at Facebook until the other day. When after hmming and hawing over someone’s post about the parenting skills of the boy that was eaten by an alligator, Justin pointed out that maybe I should just stop looking at Facebook.

He’s right. He gives me grief about looking at my phone when we sit down to watch our tv shows or a new movie we just rented. I laugh it off. But he’s right.

Especially about Facebook. Most of the time, especially lately, it just pisses me off.

My mind is active enough, I don’t need people throwing their own two cents every time I hit the Facebook app button.

We all know what’s been happening in the world lately, let’s be honest. The mass shootings, that orange guy that is running for president, and of course, the woman that is, too. The racism vs. the “racism isn’t a thing.” The guns and the rights and the who the fuck needs an assault rifle.

So, of course, you all know, Facebook has been a shit storm of comments, posts, and virtual fights, no matter what side you are on,.

It’s bringing me down. I’m too involved to ignore the posts about gun control, racism, women’s rights, gays. I can’t stop myself from looking when I see someone posting some article from some left or right wing news source that supports their agenda.

I try not to post too much political fodder on Facebook. If I do, it’s an article from NPR or some random news source that I thought people should mull over. But when I posted an article about the prison system in Norway, I learned my lesson. And deleted the post after two people I know, but that don’t know each other, started to bicker. I try not to comment too much or write giant paragraphs about why my opinion is right or the opposite side is crazy.

But that’s not the way most of the Facebook world works.

Facebook is a virtual front for everyone to just spew their nasty vomit on.

It used to be a place where we would just comment to our friends, catch up with old pals, post pictures from the last trip we took.

Now, it breeds hate among the roses.

Little kids playing in the pool, enjoying their newly found summer is splattered with the latest hateful thing Donald Trump said.

Facebook can be, and often is, both the best and worst of humanity.

It’s family portraits and new born babies. It’s my religion is better than yours. It’s women don’t deserve the right to manage their own bodies. It’s engagement announcements and sweet, sweet, pictures of my pooch. It’s the I get to see what my best friend in California is up to without actually having to call her on the phone.

But all I see is the hate. I see the cute kids, I see the cute dogs.

But what I tell my friends about, or Justin about, or stew about—is the hate.

People turn against their own families on Facebook.

They turn against each other.

We’ve got enough of that, guys.

I only comment on posts I agree with because I’ve had enough of the fighting on Facebook. My pulse soars, my face gets all red. I defriended someone for that exact reason. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have conversations with each other if we disagree, but don’t be assholes. Facebook isn’t the place. It’s a place to post things you stand behind, but it’s not a place to shit on everyone else’s parade and spread hate.

Life’s too short.

And maybe there are just some people you shouldn’t be virtual friends with.

So, until my status update tomorrow—later my friends.