Wrap Your Ears Around This- Justin’s Podcast Listens


I’ve been thinking about the podcasts I listen to, as I recently finished up Sayer, a science fiction podcast that has filled my listening time for recent months. As I hunt for new productions to place in my ears, I made a list of my regular listens.

My list:

All Songs Considered: As a music nerd, I love this show. It’d be my dream to be on the show with Bob & Robin and the crew and chat about whatever new music we’ve found. I encounter great new albums and artists at least every few months directly because of this one.

Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period: A very specific theme in a movie review podcast. W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery are really funny and have some great guests (my favorite being the recent episode discussing The Siege with Taz and Zahra from #GoodMuslimBadMuslim).

#GoodMuslimBadMuslim: Speaking of, I love this show. Two Muslim women in America discussing the pressures from American culture and Muslim culture on how they should live their lives.

Jesse Vs Cancer: This can be a hard listen, but Jesse’s ongoing struggle with cancer is also touching and pretty inspiring.

Mystery Show: This is now a whodunit show (sorry, Serial fans). This is about every day life and solving the mystery of things like “who owned this really kitschy belt buckle and what is their story.” It’s a fascinating look at every day life.

Popaganda/Backtalk: Bitch Media. Pop culture. ‘Nuff said.

The Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith: My first podcast (back when it was linked with Creative Screenwriting Magazine). Discussions on creating movies with their creators, mostly writers.

Sayer: A dark, funny, weird, fictional sci-fi podcast. The narrative is delivered by the artificial intelligence Sayer, who may or may not have the best interests of you, an employee of Aerolyth Dynamics, at heart.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: A great show that breaks down various topics from a progressive, feminist perspective. Also, they have an odd way of matching their topics with recent events in my life (see their recent A Practical Wedding/A Feminist Marriage episodes that released 3 days after Kristin and I got engaged)

Of course, a bunch of NPR shows and things like Nerdist and WTF. Surprisingly Awesome is another that makes the most mundane things interesting. Radiolab. This American Life. This Week In Marvel (for comic book nerds). Startalk Radio. StartUp Podcast.

And I can’t help but shameless plug our two shows, Anywhere The Needle Drops and The Breakdown With Dylan Robers & Justin Flagel. On AtND, I host discussions with musicians, artists, politicians, or just about anyone with a story. Sure, we talk about whatever projects they have going on, but I also aim to get to know them more directly (see my chat with artist Chelsea Thompto and our geeking out about scifi books for half an episode). The Breakdown is a pop culture review show with myself and Dylan Roberts. Come for the insightful movies reviews. Stay when you realize they aren’t that insightful, but the dynamic is hilarious. Dylan often harasses me about being old. I constantly inform him that he is young and knows nothing of the world.