Idiot Glee


James Friley, under the name Idiot Glee, is coming at us with an incredibly unique and fun new album. The self-titled record, releasing January 29th, comes packed with elements across the genres united by lovely piano melodies and lyrics about the quirks of life and love.

Check out I Don’t Feel Right:

The official word:

It’s quiet in the early mornings. When everyone else in town is asleep, our environment becomes less about where we are physically and more about where we are mentally and emotionally. Many people think of these quiet hours – when they are left alone with their thoughts and psyche – to be lonesome and challenging, but Idiot Glee’s James Friley finds that he is most productive and creative during this limbo between night and day, when his wife and dog are sleeping soundly and the world is taking a break from its usual bustle and stress.

Friley began writing songs as Idiot Glee in 2009 after hearing Brian Eno describe the blissful and joyous feeling that one experiences when completely lost in the moment of creation. Classically trained on the piano since the age of 7, he naturally gravitated to the keyboard and began performing his style of pop as a solo act. Throughout the following few years, he wrote and released new music in addition to touring throughout the US and Europe, supporting acts like Women and Islands as well as headlining.
Friley is an artist that genuinely reflects his musical influnces (John Cale, Brian Eno, Scott Walker, Brian Wilson, Harmonia/Neu!) as well as his cozy hometown of Lexington, KY. His releases have featured artwork from Lexington artists like Robert Beatty and Clint Colburn and, in 2013, he began to enlist the help of friends from other local groups to experiment with performing live as an expanded, full band. In doing so, he’s been able to examine his songs and arrangements from a different perspective through the collaborative input of his bandmates (Case Mahan of Street Gnar/Primitive Ricky on guitar, Jamie Adkins of Bone Heaver on bass, and now Josh Blaine of Jovontaes on drums). Switching back and forth between playing solo and with a band, he’s able to juggle the two sides of the human condition: one side that has a singular vision along with the side that seeks human interaction and socialization.
After a string of increasingly refined releases that explore the many different facets of his taste – from the soulful pop of “Paddywhack”, to a pensive score of a documentary about Lexington artist James Baker Hall, to a delicate solo piano album named for R Clint Colburn (the above mentioned artist) – he’s preparing for the release of his most fully-realized release yet: a self-titled album featuring a return to his love of the piano combined with incredibly tight pop songwriting and production from Stephen Trask (“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” songwriter and co-creator).  European and US tours will follow the album’s release.
You can preorder the album now from Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes.