You Are The Centre Of Me

It’s my birthday, so I’m running around doing birthday things, but I wanted to toss up one more Monday Music before the end of the year. Here’s a great track from Dublin’s Ivy Nations that should get your feet moving.

In their words:

“It’s about control. A possessive relationship. Two actors a) possessor; b) the possessed (controlled partner). One person yielding control over the other long after the relationship has ended. An addiction, that eventually paralyses both actors. The result, an inability to truly love another.  The possessed partner takes over the role of the possessor over time. An emphasis on insecurities (in the possessed), that fuels paranoia. An inability to forgive, to accept ones fate, that is, bound by fears, loss and anxiety. Lusting over the possessed partner. An unhealthy desire to be with them at any cost.”

You can grab that track and more on iTunes and Amazon.