The Breakdown: The Mist/28 Days Later/ Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil



This week, Dylan abandons me so he can continue playing the new Halo. However, Kristin comes to the rescue as guest co-host!

We discuss fear and anxiety as viewed through the lens of our Halloween experience eating themed foods and watching a marathon of horror (or horror-related movies), including The Mist, 28 Days Later, and Tucker & Dave Vs. Evil.

We also discuss Kristin’s part in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Foodstirs natural baking subscription company. You can check that out at and find all of Kristin’s crafts and art at her two Etsy shops, June & Roland and Hey Alice.

Don’t forget, Kristin will have a booth at the upcoming Journeyman Distillery Artisan Market on Saturday November 21st and Sunday November 22nd. Enjoy fine beverages and check out the wares from a ton of regional artists and makers!

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