Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men- Anywhere The Needle Drops Podcast


If you follow the written pieces on Anywhere The Needle Drops, you’ve read the amazing words of JC Brazil. One week from Sunday, she’ll be breaking new boundaries with her performance of Pulitzer nominee Dael Orlandersmith’s Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men.

That performance is one night only, Sunday, October 4th at the Pocket Theater in Seattle. You can catch all the details and purchase tickets here and find out more of what JC is into at Last Train Theatrics.

JC and director Alejandro Stepenberg join me on the podcast to discuss the upcoming show and the inspiration behind it, as well as their journeys into the world of theater, acting, and performance.

Don’t forget to come say hi to Dylan and me out at the Weko Beach Brewers Festival this Saturday, September 26th in Bridgman, Michigan.

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