You’re A Animal

Let’s start your week with a little energy, shall we? It’s the fuel-injected You’re A Animal from Jonathan Boulet:


We’ve been mentioning a lot of talented Australian artists this summer and Boulet is no exception (though, nowadays I believe he resides in London). In addition to his solo work, the varied and prolific Boulet has put out work with the bands Parades, Snakeface, and Top People.

Want to categorize his music? Perhaps you should just let Jonathan do that:


You’re A Animal comes from the album We Keep the Beat Found the Sound See the Need to Start the Heart. You can grab that one on iTunes and Amazon.

The latest album, 2014’s Gubba, is available on CD and vinyl from Popfrenzy. You can also grab the digital version now on iTunes and digital and physical copies on Amazon.

That album is just over a year old, but Boulet is releasing new material from time to time, both on his YouTube page and in a series of previously unreleased pieces on Bandcamp, so be sure to follow in both to keep up on all of the latest.

Image by Jonathan Boulet.