We’re bringing you a little old school Lucky Boys Confusion to follow up your 4th of July weekend.

At risk of diving into the realm of uber-patriotism, I’ve always found these lyrics meaningful:

when I’m frustrated, I have anger in my head, I think of the relative ease of the life I’ve led, so many struggle and died so I may breathe air that’s free, I hope when they look up on me they deem me worthy

Paying close attention to the rest of the song, you realize it’s not a message about “‘Merica”, but one about embracing what you’ve got, trying to be better, and, most of all, being yourself. Also, it’s pretty groovy. Go ahead. I dare you to add this to your cookout playlist and not dance or sing along.

Check it:



For those fellow long time LBC fans, I’m sure you’re aware that the boys are more active lately than they have been in years. This past winter, the new website debuted, with plenty to come in the realm of news, music, and merch as they days roll on. And they just had a show for the Windy City Ribfest, with hopefully more to come.

The latest release from the band, Closing Arguments, is available direct from the band, on iTunes, and on Amazon.