Today’s Homeless Man

Dirty Drunk
With your broken down shoes
And your bottom of the bottle
Fuck you; you’re not getting my dollar.

Dirty Drunk
Your body full of lice
And your ragged, shit stained pants full
Of maggots and mice.

Fuck you; you don’t deserve eye
You’re fault being there.
Thems the ropes.

I work hard for this phone
This watch
This laptop
In my cool cubicle
At my cool company
That takes in cool Billions a year.

You don’t have my stress,
Regrets –

And you’re right.
I don’t have
I am have not…

But there was a time
When I had youthful eyes
A time remembered by

I was a Have
I played the game
Bought the car
Wore the chain

But time
Fake friends
Fake promises
Led me down this path all the same.

All I ask, is to look upon me
Absorb the lice, the fleas
My dirty feet caked with hundreds of miles
And remember that today’s
Homeless man
Was yesterday’s forgotten child.

* This poem was made possible by a generous grant from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and spotlights Treehouse, an non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing foster children from the system to society. More information about Black n Blue Boys / Broken Men, a one person show written by Pulitzer Nominee Dael Orlandersmith, performed by JC Brazil of Last Train Theatrics. coming soon-ish.*