Grounded- Anywhere The Needle Drops Podcast

It’s the first in our Thundersnow series. THUNDERSNOW! Check out my chat with Ecanaba’s Grounded and hear their excellent track, Wonderful!

Check out all Grounded has to offer, with music, tour dates, and more, at their website, on Facebook, ReverbNation, Soundcloud (featuring Promise, from their upcoming EP Good Enough), and Twitter!

You can check out and participate in Chelsea Thompto’s Origami Swan Project, a project helping to bring awareness to the transgender community, over at her website.

Anywhere The Needle Drops is brought to you by Red Chuck Productions.

The Anywhere The Needle Drops theme music is by Ethan W. Kampa and Jeremy Whetstone.

Fun In The Sun music by Ethan W. Kampa.

Thunder sound effect by juskiddink over at the always wonderful

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