Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, The Hanson Theatre Living Room Series, Friday, 2/13/15

Love was in the air and it was a fitting tone on this Valentine’s Day weekend.

It was my second visit to the  Lake Michigan College‘s Hanson Theatre Living Room Series, this time featuring the homegrown sounds of Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, a roving band we’re proud to call our own, with three of the four musicians hailing from our great state of Michigan.

First, I must comment on the stage. The Hanson Theatre drove home the Living Room Series title with a stage decorated as, well, a living room:


The design was entirely appropriate for the intimate performance space as well as the acoustic sounds of the band and the affectionate interactions of the musicians. Banjos and mandolins were propped on easy chairs, the upright rested on a throw rug, and each musical tool was ready to be traded from hand to hand at a moments notice.  Lindsay and company are a tight crew, a unified organism, and they spent the evening opening their love to the audience on hand (and an impressive audience it was, what with the blizzard outside).

When applied properly, there’s a power to acoustic music that can outmatch even the most ambitious “four guitars are not too many” heavy rock outfit, bringing goosebumps over headbangs (though we had some of that too). The subtle nature of the music both relaxes and penetrates deep to the heart, creating the most appropriate space to discuss the most human of all our stories.

Love was a constant through the evening.  Lindsay, Joshua, Mark, and PJ all had a hand at chatting with the audience, treating us as old friends, sharing tales and tears.  The music reminded that love is hard and sharp and beautiful.

Witness that love on display in the video for House Together:


You can also check out the track Hot Hands over at the band’s website: Hot Hands

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys just released their latest album, Ionia, which includes both songs. The album is named for the Michigan city in which it was recorded. You can pick that up direct from the band, as well as iTunes, CD Baby, and the rest of your usual musical outlets.

As far as LMC is concerned, the Living Room series is on pause for a while (though it will return), but you can still head over to The Mendel Center Mainstage to some other upcoming shows, including the Beatles tribute show Rain (coming Thursday February 26th) and Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court (Saturday, March 14th).