& After

Today marks the day of release of Fifth on the Floor’s EP, & After, on iTunes and all the other big digital outlets.

It also marks a sad day, as the boys of Fifth on The Floor have announced that they’ll be hanging up their hats and calling it a day.  I’ll let them use their own words:

Folks, it’s been an amazing eight and a half years.  We’ve played Lord knows how many shows in front of Lord knows how many people, and we’ve made incredible memories.  Thank you guys for every bit of that. There’s no animosity behind our split, none of that “creative differences” BS.  For a variety of reasons, this is our choice as a group.  That said, we hope all of you will keep up with our various individual projects in the future.  We love you guys.

In true FotF form, though, they’ll be going out with a bang with the Dead Men & Angels Tour. You can check out the info here.

The album is already available directly from the band in it’s physical form, though supplies are limited on that one.  The same can be said for all their gear, so be sure to get your last chance at a t-shirt or the vinyl.

I raise a glass to Justin and the rest of the band. Thanks for the magic and the music!