It Matters

Think voting in local elections doesn’t matter?

Think it’s not worth your time to write and call your representatives in your state capitol?

You’re wrong.

The legislature of Michigan, my home state, has declined to add transgender language to an update to our anti-discrimination protections. Also lost in the battle…protection for sexual orientation.  This means that the LGBT community still has no discrimination protection under Michigan law.

Hopefully this is just a delay. It remains unclear if we’ll keep the transgender language at all. It is clear that, at least to our legislature, the LGBT community is not a priority.

‘Historic’ gay rights hearing ends without vote on Michigan anti-discrimination proposals

We did, however, further a bill to protect “exercising” religious beliefs, allowing for discrimination as long as your religion is the reason for it:

Michigan House approves Religious Freedom Restoration Act in party-line vote

To be clear, we’ve decided it isn’t a priority to protect citizens who are harming no one.

To be clear, we’ve decided it is a priority to protect a “right” to treat others poorly, with significant consequences for housing, jobs, and daily life.

Instead of protecting citizens from discrimination, we’ve enshrined a right to discriminate.

This, shortly after an election with the lowest voter turnout in nearly a decade.


It matters.

Voice your opinion.

It matters.

Show up. Protest. Write. Call. Speak.

It matters.

Note for those local readers: Join us this afternoon as we rally at the office of State Senator John Proos to let him know we won’t stand for the lack of protection for the LGBT community:

Monday, December 8th, 3pm
State Senator John Proos’
District Office
216 Court Street
Saint Joseph, MI