Do you like Shakespeare? WW2?

A message from our excellent contributor, JC:
A Bi-racial female Hamlet. An Axis sympathizing Claudius. A ‘Yes – Man’ Polonius. A gay Ophelia. A Black Gertrude. A New England asylum during WWII. Bare knuckle brawls and snubbed pistols. Skulls, secrets and Science.This is I May Have Seen The Devil: a 1940s reworking of Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet, except Elsinore isn’t in Denmark, but an upper society, yet sinister, insane asylum nestled in a wealthy, quiet New England suburb.If you love Shakespeare like I do, I heartily welcome you to follow the chronological blog: 100 Days of Hamlet. If you play Shadow of Mordor, you may recognize Claudius as Halas, Ioreth’s Father who forbade her to go with Talion to the Black Gate.

I play Gertrude, which kinda rocks my socks.

We perform February 2015, but check out our updates, progress, video rehearsals and the like in the mean time.

And if you’ve never seen Hamlet, you should! The David Tennant version is the best so far! [Yes, the Doctor is a huge Shakespeare Nerd]!

I’m also producing ‘Horrible Kindle Romance Novel Radio Shows’ with a local troupe of PNW nerds called Aural Pleasure PNW. So if you want to laugh at wear-bears making out with humans, you know what Soundcloud to head to.

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