All You Need Is One Take

Mosno Al-Moseeki and Joe Scala bring us this excellent little jam…and they give it to us in a single attempt.  Check it!



Mosno, of course, is the artist behind the excellent Novella concept album.  I’ve gushed about this album before, so I’ll simply tell you that it’s one of my favorites from this year, definitely one of the most unique and entertaining pieces of music you’ll hear.  You can get it now on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby, Bandcamp…all the places.  So no excuses.  Go get that thing!

You can also grab some of his new merch in The Mosno Store…just remember, I like my shirts in a medium.

Mosno is a talented artist and an excellent guy.  He was a guest of mine on the podcast a ways back, so be sure to check that out as well.  Find us on iTunes and Stitcher and be sure to subscribe and leave a comment!