Water Closet Concerts

Spending nine days at the bottom of various Western Canyons, generally disconnected from the Internet and the rest of the world, is healthy for the soul.  It’s important to disconnect and I did my best to avoid the Web and my phone, even when I had a signal.

Upon my return, catching up on the ol’ links list, though, I found reminders that the Internet is still pretty cool too. Like the following.

Louisa Hall, Justin Trawick, and Casey Elizabeth Gill in a shower rapping about Gettysburg.

Yeah, that Gettysburg.

And, yes, in a shower.

Did I mention the kazoo?

Check it:




As you’ve probably guessed from recent posts, I kinda of dig these three folks.  I’m putting out the invite…if any of you three ever visit the Midwest, you should come on the live show.  Just be sure to bring the kazoo.

The video is a part of the rather massive and awesome unrehearsedDC project, a video series bringing together “great bands performing in unique situations”.  Head on over the site and kick back.  You’ve got hours of entertainment awaiting you.

Of course, you should also check out all the goodness coming from each of these artists on their individual sites: Louisa Hall‘s clever tunes, the various projects of Justin Trawick (including The Circus Life podcast), and the many talents of Casey Elizabeth Gill.

Head on over and send them some love.

Here’s to life.