They Tell Us From The Time We’re Young To Hide The Things That We Don’t Like About Ourselves

Mary Lambert has a new album headed our way.  She recently released the first single, Secrets, which you can check out in this merry little lyric video:



Of course, many of you know Mary from her work with Macklemore on Same Love, but there’s so much more to her music than that one track.

If you’re feeling the love in the new song, you can get in on the Secrets game…Mary has started a PostSecret-esque exchange in which you can submit a secret of your own and have it sent anonymously to another contributor.  Check that out here.

Catch the new single and her previous EPs on iTunes, Amazon, and, of course, directly from Mary herself.  The new album, Heart On My Sleeve, hits in the fall, but pre-order now and get the Secrets single on August 5th!  Need I point out the signed vinyl?