Michelle Ellen

[My dad’s guitar] had a big hole in the back where my grandmother had hit him over the head with it years before.”

I surely would like to hear more of that tale…

But, guitar violence aside, this is actually music of a different sort of mood; one for calming nerves and internal wandering.

It was with her childhood discovery of the aforementioned, bludgeoning guitar that a love for strumming and songwriting had begun for Michelle Ellen.  With her breezy lyrics and gentle touch, it’s no surprise that she hails from the seaside town of Penarth, Wales…there’s a calm demeanor and perspective on life that can come only from gazing upon seemingly unending waters.

You can check out a bit of Michelle’s new EP with a free sampler over at NoiseTrade.

Here’s a taste of one of my favorites:

Michelle Ellen’s new EP, Tape & Glue, is available now on iTunes and Amazon.