Nate Donnis- Anywhere The Needle Drops Podcast

The AtND Podcast is back with Episode 14.  Today’s guest is Nate Donnis of The Donnis Trio and Rodello’s Machine.  It’s likely you’ve heard his tunes on Pandora or on a number of television shows that have featured his music.

Nate and I hung out via the magical Internet telephone, with he in sunny California and me in, somehow still freezing even though it’s May, Michigan.

The Donnis Trio recently put out their latest album, Chroma.  Check that out now on Amazon, BandCamp, iTunes, and the Donnis Trio website.


You can also check out his other projects at and Rodello’s Machine and learn all about the Patreon project.

The AtND Podcast is brought to you by Red Chuck Productions and Anywhere The Needle Drops.

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