Beneath The Brine

Check it!  The Family Crest is on “on the rise”!  Just ask iTunes.

The latest from TFC, which we just posted about on Monday, is on sale for a limited time for $7.99.  That’s a pretty excellent deal for an album full of awesome.  Get it while you can!

If you’re lucky enough to be hanging at SXSW 2014 this week, be sure to catch the band live!

March 12, 2:30PM- Austin Calling: Band of the Day Party
March 12, 6:30PM- GoPro House
Press Event
March 12, 9:00PM- Palm Door on Sixth
Official SXSW Showcase (badges & wristbands)
March 13, 1:30PM- Goorin Brothers SoCo Officially Unofficial Showcase