I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone

Being well into autumn (or, given the scene outside my office window, early winter) is no reason we can’t go for a little beach jam.

The last rays of the sunset burn the sky, the campfire is just warming up,  and we’re pulling on our hoodies & pulling out the tambourines and guitars.  Enter The Rebel Light and Jukebox Dream.

Recorded in-house (as in, literally in a house), Jukebox Dream is all you need to warm you on this cold autumn winter day (that and, if the band will share, a sip of their scotch):

But don’t stop there.  The Rebel Light has plenty more to offer.  Vibes of modern indie pop threaded with nostalgia of eras past.  And horns.  I do love the horns, both subtle and uplifting.

You can grab the entire Rebel Light EP for FREE at NoiseTrade (tips are appreciated) and you can get the Jukebox Dream single at Bandcamp (name your price).  And be sure to check out the video for Goodbye Serenade: