So you’re telling me, for five bucks, I get a cassette tape and a digital download?  With actual quality music on there?  We’re talking scream it from your belly, jump up and down, maybe throw a few things punk rock?


Did I mention the cassette was red?

What we have here is the upcoming release from Philadelphia “fuzz punk” rockers Mumblr.  It contains first the full EP White Jesus  (on Side A, because, cassette, yo).  It’s Christmas again on Side B, with the full Nutter EP and the band’s recent single, Philadelphia.

Let’s take a listen to Side A’s Puke:

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Click that “Download” button to have Puke free right now.

The collection, digital and cassette, hits the world on November 12th.  Get in early and preorder if you want cassette, though.  Only 50 can be snatched up online.  After that, you can only get your hands on one by asking the boys very nicely at their next show.