Nobody wants to dance when there’s cops in the club

Party At The NSA
Artwork by Tim Lahan

It’s important to remember on this Labor Day that not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of decades of labor movement.  Our friends at the NSA, for example.

The Internet never stops, so while we’re busy barbecuing, drinking, and enjoying the bliss of indifference, they’ll be toiling away in dark offices, collecting and monitoring our communications, building that ever sacred and expensive illusion of safety.

So before you head out to your various gatherings, when you call to tell Mom the potato salad is running behind or when you text your buddies to ask them to bring another case of beer, be sure to take a moment and add a “hey domestic spy!” to your message or call so your hardworking local Surveillance Professional can feel some love.  Sure, it’s probably just a computer, but if you’re lucky enough to be on “the list“, maybe, just maybe, you’ll bring some sunshine to some agent’s day.

While you’re at it, check out YACHT‘s groovy activism track, Party At The NSA (featuring WTF’s Marc Maron!).  You can listen for free, but if you toss a buck or two in for the download, you’ll be helping to fund the Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s fight for all of our digital rights.

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“Nobody wants to dance when there’s cops in the club.”