Movin’ On Up…

KillerB and I recently moved into a new apartment.  Bigger.  As in, more space.  More rooms!  A bathroom I can turn around in without knocking the soap dispenser into the waste basket spilling used tissues into the shower.

We have space to spread.  Space to live.  Space to exist without constantly being on top of each other (though, really, I think we were OK with that).

We even have a new office, one that serves that function alone (as opposed to our previous office/living/dining/guest room).  The space is yet to be named (my suggestion of The Firefly Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Studios was vetoed), but it will be the future space of all things Red Chuck (from writing this blog, to video editing, to recording interviews for the podcast) to all things Killer B (from the writing to prepping for her shows to her Etsy shop).  Heck, we’ve even talked about doing a Red Chuck/KillerB podcast team up.  Why not?  We have space!

Now, while we’ve been filling that space with boxes of our stuff and slowly unpacking and arranging them, we’ve had tunes to keep us company.  I’ve been turned on to a lot of new lately thanks to the always excellent All Songs Considered on NPR.

Here’s a recent favorite of mine from British artist Ebony Bones.  Check it.  I’m going back to unpacking.

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