Molotov Cocktails For Everyone

It was too cold for the water park.

Now, mind you, this was just last week.  Early August.  Definitely within the window of appropriate water park timing.  Still, the wind chilled the skin, the pressure change hindered the sinuses and there was no water park to be had.

We’ve had some unusually cool weather in this, the last month of summer 2013, especially shocking after the heat wave of July.  I’ve heard the words “fall” and “autumn” tossed about.  Someone even mentioned to me that the leaves in the North of my fair state have already begun to show some color.

It appears, my friends, that summer is attempting to make an early exit.  And while I’m not one to hate on the autumn, I must resist, for I still have the summer energies about me.

So let’s slip to the groove and move around.  Let’s work up some heat and let the seasons know we’re not quite ready to cool down.

We can start with a track shared with me by Kevin Johnson Jr: Against The Grain by Femi The DriFish & The Out of Water eXperience

Femi The DriFish

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Femi the DriFish & company hail from Baltimore and refer to their sound as “Soul-Lyrical-HipHop-Funk-Rock”.  That’s one accurate way of describing them.  There’s another commonly used term I try to avoid, but it starts with “g” and ends with “enre-defying.”

Either way, you get the gist…Femi and friends prove that there is no genre.  There is only the music.

You can order albums or download MP3s from Femi the DriFish at and over at SoundCloud.

Grab the tunes, turn it up and show this summer we’ve still got some heat in us.