Sons of Bill

“Take a shower.  Call your mom.  You ain’t living like you should.”

Call them “alt-country”.  Call them “southern”.  Whatever you please.  I call them “ear excellence”.

Tales are told on a backdrop of cold guitars and a little twang.  The ballads are for the outcasts & the heartbroken and the rock is for everyone.

Sons Of Bill comes from Charlottesville, Virginia, bringing with them a certain Southern element, but don’t turn away if the country isn’t your game.  There’s plenty there for all listeners.

The boys have been doing well and are celebrating their successes of recent years…not to mention their upcoming new album.

So how are they celebrating, you ask?  By giving you their last album, Sirens, for free.


Sirens is well worth the full admission price, so this really is an excellent opportunity.  From the slow build of Turn It Up to the epic harshness of Life in Shambles, there’s a lot to enjoy.  Check out the free download over at NoiseTrade:

NoiseTrade: Sons Of Bill- Sirens

Listen before you download. If you like it, toss a virtual tip the jar.  Go get it now.  You’ll remember how great a deal you got when you see and hear the name Sons Of Bill down the road.

Did I mention it’s free?

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