Summer is for arena rock and cooking out- Sunday Shares

Toast, coffee and Internet.  Cools things this week:

Here’s the thing…as much as I love my unsigned, off the radar, “nobody knows them but me” musicians, I’m also a huge fan of some bigger acts.  Frustration as a music fan comes from attempting the already difficult task of purchasing tickets for a name act…they’re popular, so plenty of folks want to go and worthy tickets are only so plentiful…then finding all of the tickets have been snatched up by scalpers and are currently floating on StubHub for the cost of a car payment.

I’ve seen plenty of artists attempting to remedy this in recent years (I must begrudgingly credit ticket vendors in making changes as well).  NPR’s Planet Money team checks out some of these changes with Kid Rock on their most recent podcast:

Planet Money- Kid Rock Takes On The Scalpers


I’m pretty self-conscious about my cooking abilities, so summer is always a bit of an anxious time for me.  Kristin and I love to host and cooking out is the obvious activity, but I look at the grill with some amount of dread when I realize that my results are to be judged folks other than myself or my forgiving girlfriend.  Internet to the rescue!  Lifehacker recently posted a guide for the flames.  Grill clips, kabob baskets, and how to judge your meat.  Check it:

Become A Grill Master This Weekend