On The Road With Red Chuck & KillerB

Kristin and I took what was really our first vacation away together.

Now, sure, we’d been away for weekends.  We’d done extended visits to the city.  Hell, we share a tiny place and she puts up with my “organization” and I her “less organization.”

But this was ten days of non-stop, no work days, no nights away from each other “us” time.  In a car.

Friends would say “this will be a test”. But I had no fear. I mean, look at these two:

Made for each other...and not really tolerable for anyone else.
Made for each other…and lightly tolerated by others

Yeah, we were good.

Sure, there was that one argument the first day.  We got lost coming into the fine city of Pittsburgh.

Our directions weren’t very…direct.  There were suddenly dead ends , one-way streets, and yellow bridges.

OK…tell her we’re by the yellow bridge…

We’ve all been lost.  It’s stressful.  I was behind the wheel, running out of road.  I needed answers right away.  Kristin was still working on them.  It got tense.

Then I remembered this was the same lady who asked with much hope if the first house we passed upon entering Pennsylvania was a home to the Amish.  I giggled.  Then I said something ridiculous.  And we laughed.  Also, we figured out where to go.  Crisis averted.

Upon docking at Kristin’s sister’s place, we celebrated by heading to the ol’ ball park (well, 1990’s old) to catch the Pirates/Astros game.  It was a perfect evening, what with the beer, the free swag, and the movie finish to the game (tie game, bases loaded, board full, two outfielders run into each other to give the home team the victory).  Also, this view:

PNC Park for the win.
River.  Skyline.  Baseball.  PNC Park for the win.

And that was the kick-off.  The road awaited us the next day.  Let’s ride!


KillerB recounts the adventure as well: KillerB Road Trip Logs

Pittsburgh bridges photo by Mark B Gerstein.

The Pittsburgh Flickr Photo Stream

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