Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys


Let’s put aside the fact that the origin of these songs requires the existence of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie sequels (I know, I know, it hurts, but just try for me).

Let me put it this way: Tom Waits (with the help of Keith Richards) covers Shenandoah:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJgWaqwZml4&w=560&h=315]

Need I go on?

Probably not, but I will.

The first Rogues Gallery came into existence when Johnny Depp was breaking from moving so stylishly and daintily around the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Cash Cow Sequel Without A Care set.  Director Gore Verbinski took the moment to approach him with an idea he’d been bouncing off friends: sea chanteys, but, you know, with people who are alive.  They proceeded to grab various musicians, performers, and producers, like Hal Willner, and put together a fantastic two disc set of sea tunes and folk songs.  Then they swashbuckled off the Black Pearl into the sunset (until, of course, it was time for the next Disney theme park ride inspired billion dollar movie franchise sequel.  Billion.  With a “b”.  Disney theme park ride.  Billion.  Movie.  Billion.).

The full (and more accurate, though less swash-buckily) tale of the origin of this set can be found at Anti Records’ website. (Tip: you should go buy stuff there.)

Son of Rogues Gallery is the follow-up that came out last month.  That’s where you can find the Tom Waits Shenandoah.  Of course, you already knew that, as you were downloading it from Anti in the background while reading this.

In addition to Waits/Richards, there’s an entry from Michael Stipe, Courtney Love and someone named Jack Shit.  Macy Gray and Iggy Pop (Asshole Rules The Navy) join the fun.  Patti Smith & Johnny Depp duet.  I mean, come on!

And you should just listen to this:

▻ Orange Claw Hammer

Case closed.  And I didn’t even make any pirate jokes.

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