Give A Clerk Knucks

Give A Clerk Knucks

We’ve all been there. Whether as a teenager behind the counter at a local fast food restaurant or as an adult who has found a career in the service industry, we all know what it can be like to deal with the public.

While positive customer scenarios occur, there’s also a common attitude; often, when a customer steps in front of a service person, manners go out the window.

Maybe customers don’t realize the effects of their behavior; they’re parting with hard-earned money, often in exchange for goods or services which they may not completely understand. They’ve encountered predatory sales people simply looking for their dollar. They’re standing in a position where the person across the counter is trained to meet their every need. And they, the customer, have been trained to expect it be met.

Customers expect to be treated decently. But the expectation should be the same on the service side. After all, clerks are people too.

So the next time you go to pay for your gas and dine at a restaurant, when you cash your paycheck or you go to purchase that latest gadget, remember that the person behind the counter is just that, a person, and they’re trying to make a living just like you.

Look them in the eye. Say thank you. Show respect. Shake their hand or give them a fist bump.

Give a clerk knucks.

Give A Clerk Knucks